CS Planning Corp. (CSP) provides advisors with an experienced, client-focused support team to handle many of their daily administrative tasks.

Who We Are

As a service partner to advisors, CSP offers a single point of contact for all administrative activities with the vendors or custodians they choose to use.

While advisors continue to supervise and direct those tasks, they are no longer burdened with the actual execution of those activities. This allows them to focus even more on delivering the best possible overall service to their clients.

CSP’s qualified staff serves as an extension of an advisors’ own team and thus plays a big role in their day-to-day service operations.

About CS Planning Corp.


Several years ago, CSP formed an exclusive service company to work with a select number of successful financial advisors throughout the country who needed our help.

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CSP has leveraged the growing number of our advisor relationships to build a highly experienced support team and integrated technology system, ultimately giving us the ability to effectively handle much of our advisor partners’ daily administrative workload. CSP has a proven history of forming long-term, successful partnerships with advisors who are interested in a custom solution which allows them to outsource most all trading, reporting, billing, and technology-related activities to a trusted virtual partner. By outsourcing the majority of their day-to-day operations, advisors are able to increase even further their competitive edge in the local marketplace, while streamlining their firm’s business processes and technology.


Many advisors share a common goal of freeing up their time, energy, and expenses relating to most of their firm’s day-to-day administrative workload.

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These advisors can continue growing their successful business with limited staff by outsourcing and forming a partnership with CSP. This allows them to maintain a clear emphasis on wealth management and financial planning for their valued clients.

CSP operates from the core belief that an advisor’s time is best spent working directly with his/her clients to help them achieve their important financial planning goals. Advisors who choose to partner with CSP believe-as do we-that getting bogged down in necessary daily administrative tasks can take them away from their true skill set and purpose as financial advisors.


An advisor’s partnership with CSP can prove advantageous to both the advisor and his/her clients for the following reasons:

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Leverage. An advisor’s relationship with CSP aligns them with other advisors who have a significant amount of combined total assets. This creates several benefits for both advisors and their clients.


A high level of dedicated custodian service. Because of their affiliation with CSP, advisors are able to work with a select service team who is dedicated to their relationship, rather than a team that may provide service assistance to 30+ other firms. This means that the typical turnaround time on administrative tasks, such as transfers, can be faster. Also, any resolutions that need to be made will be handled directly by that team. Since issues happen daily, being assisted by a select service team allows advisors to find solutions for their clients faster and more efficiently than they may have been able to in the past.


A large, experienced service and support team at CSP. Through CSP, advisors have direct access to a veteran team of service specialists, economists, and CFAs dedicated to investment research. Putting together a team with this level of expertise can be difficult to replicate at an individual advisory firm level. By partnering with CSP, advisors are plugged into a team of over 25 people to assist their clients. An added benefit is that any employee turnover within the CSP team will be minimally disruptive to advisors and their clients.


Business continuity. By engaging CSP as a service partner, advisors have also become part of a large independent advisor network which is available to help in times of crisis and/or serve as a resource. Should something unexpected happen, CSP has relationships with many other experienced advisors who would be available to provide assistance until an unanticipated situation was resolved.


Ability to manage costs. An advisor’s relationship with CSP can provide him/her with better control their cost of doing business. By establishing a consistent cost for many of their business expenditures, advisors may now have greater control over these operating expenses so that both they, and their clients, are not as impacted by any inconsistent or increasing business costs.

Service Model

CSP can help advisors ensure that their firm is as streamlined and efficient as possible, taking minutiae like trade execution, technology upkeep, billing, and reporting away from their workload, while ensuring no single employee or principal is solely responsible for or tasked with any one specific area of activity.

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By outsourcing these daily activities to an established firm like CSP, advisors are able to free up more of their valuable time to focus on client-facing, planning, and/or marketing-related tasks, while making sure that all operational workflows are documented and handled by CSP’s experienced team. Advisors also have access to the integrated technology and infrastructure CSP offers, customized to meet the needs of their firm and clients.


CSP does not have discretion (the right to do things without notice from an advisor) on a client’s account. CSP cannot make trades, move money, or make changes to a client’s account without an advisor’s direction.

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